Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Poem

You say,
No -
You demand
I allow you to be
An adult.
You rail and yell
And curse
Everything that I am,
Everything I believe in,
Everything I have given of myself for you
To prepare you
To be an adult.
You’re missing the point
In your need to be free
That I want nothing more
Than for you to be
The man you want to be.
You say you want
To fly and be free.
I want that too.
No I don’t.
I want you to stand
On your own two feet,
And rock solid,
With strength in your convictions
And a moral compass
That you’re willing to ignore
In order to do the right thing.
I want you to be able
To move forward
And make your choices,
Whether they’re choices
I would make
Or not,
And not need backup
Even if it is always there.
I want you to see
The future
And use the past
To make it better.
I want you to teach
And be teachable,
To never accept
Without questioning,
To give generously
Of your time
And your money
And your heart -
Because it is your best feature -
That heart,
With your perseverance
A close second,
I don’t want you to fly
Because in flying
You can’t always see
The ground falling away beneath you.
I want you to walk.
I want you to run
And embrace the world,
To love
And be loved.
I want you to surge forward
And not be afraid
Or unwilling
To look back.
I want you to do new things
And explore new places,
Whether they exist
On this earth
Or in your imagination.
I want you to hope
And dream,
And tie yourself up in knots
Over someone
Who makes you feel like
You’re invincible
And vulnerable.
But don’t be invincible.
Be vulnerable.
And allow yourself
To get lost sometimes,
And to be found
And discovered
And explored.
I want you to live,
To grow,
To thrive,
To find a place that is
Uniquely yours
And let it enfold you.
I want you to be you -
Only you -
The man you are,
The man I see
Who is demanding I acknowledge him,
Which I do.
You just don’t see it yet
Because you don’t see
Your self.

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